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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chicken Soup For The Soul At Work

by Canfield, Hansen, Rogerson, Rutte and Clauss

I have been reading this book as a sleeper, just before I pass out for the night. It turned out to be a really good book to relax with and whine-down from the day.
The stories are mildly inspirational with some very good stories of real life from people like Alex Haley and Scott "Dilbert" Adams. And I really liked the story by Dave Thomas.
If your looking for deep spiritual reading to give you something to contemplate, this is not it. The stories are watered down to appeal to all faiths. But it is still a good read. I recommend it.

C. 1996 by the above authors
ISBN: 1-55874-424-x
PUB: Heath Communications, Inc.
LIbary of Congress HD4905.C448 1996


Timothy Fish said...

I noticed that you say, "the stories are watered down to appeal to all faiths, but it is still a good read." I find that interesting because it implies that you would prefer that the stories were not designed to appeal to all faiths. That was an issue I debated when I was writing Searching for Mom. While the story itself has little within it that is unique to any one denomination, or even religious, it does mention two churches by name. I have noticed that many authors call the churches in their novels community churches, but even this makes a statement about the nature of the church. In the end, I figured that if I can read a book and tollerate the author calling a church a community church then other readers can put up with me calling a church a Baptist church. While it was not my intent to use the book to push Baptist doctrine, any doctrine that does happen to filter into my writing will come from that background unless I specifically include doctrine from another source. It seems to me that it is better for an author to be open with his doctrine and where it comes from. I fear that those who are willing to hide their doctrine is not as committed to their beliefs as what they would like for people to think.

Wayne said...

Thanks for the comment.
I believe the authors of CSFTS are really just trying not to publish a "Christian" book and limiting there buyer base.
I have noticed that many books, TV and such does use "Community" when naming a fictional church. Maybe since traditional church groups have stereotypes (like before mentioned Baptist) and do not what those to be a factor in the storyline. The authors have came out with a CSFTS for Christians. I have not read it yet.
I agree we must state what we believe and not be ashamed. Maybe some people want to start with a small cup of milk that will later lead to the real meat.
Thanks again for the comment. It meant allot.