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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Is the First Step For a Muslim Take Over of U.S. Complete?

Yesterday at work, while I was operating the press brake, this thought just came to me. I do not dwell on such things and I am not saying "thus saith the Lord",but here we go.
The thought was, The first step in a take over by Islam in the U.S. is complete. Our military is weakened and there is no incentive for our young to enlist for bad benefits and pay to risk their lives.So were will the bodies come from. From the multitude of Islamic refuges that have come over to spread Islam. They will now be told that they can gain citizenship by joining the military and those with combat or military experience and rise as and officer. Without taking oaths of allegiance to the nation. Then it would be easy to join with UN forces to move in. This is a scary thought and I pray I mind was just running a muck, but it is just to plain to ignore the possibility. Every non-Muslim should be a little concerned. Watch the news and pay attention to world events. Not in fear, just to be ready. I have peace that God is in control. I have read the end of the Book. And I know the Price of Peace. Islam says that it is a religion of peace. But do not explain what that means. It means that the only way to gain real peace is for everyone to convert to Islam. This is the same view as us Christians, except we do not believe in forced conversions. Converts are made by God's Spirit, not threats of being beheaded.
So again I pray I am wrong, but I felt I needed to share this.