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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Nonconforming Parts and the Church

When I got to work the other day, I found the QC guy and my trainer together talking over a tote of parts I had produced the day before. Then my eyes focused on a red tag that was attached to the tote. I thought, this is not good! The trainer approached me and informed me that they had found some nonconforming parts in my work. I would need to go through all the parts of this type that I had did the day before, more than a couple of hundred parts, which would be an all day job.
After finding out I had not held the test gauge correctly and misjudged the conformity to the specs of the drawings, I proceeded to check them all. To my joy there were a lot more good parts than bad, but the trainer and supervisor were not as joyed. One bad part found in a lot can cost labor and material if not found out quickly. I refrained from using the old adage, "there is never enough time to do things right but always enough time to do them over," because they were not in a good mood. The rework would take up valuable time. I completed the job with success and returned to my regular work with a greatly learned lesson.
Not only did I learn the proper way to judge conformity, but I saw a great lesson for the Church. It only takes one unfaithful church member to hurt the reputation of the church. How many times have I met someone and asked them where they attended church and judged the whole church by that person? And, how many times have I heard at the break table people say that they have seen church members at the bar they went to, so the Church must be full of hypocrites. This reminded me of a story that I try to tell people about this issue: There was a LA (Lower Alabama) pastor that was out visiting and came to a pig farm on the edge of town. Finding the farmer standing by a fence with a single pig enclosed, he struck up a conversation in which he asked the farmer why the pig was quarantined. The farmer explained that the pig was a runt, sickly, in bad shape and not worth much on the market. The pastor, getting reading to leave, asked the farmer if he would come and visit his church the next Sunday, in which the farmer replied that he would never visit his church because he had seen one of his members down at the local bar, getting drunk. The pastor said he understood and asked the farmer how much he wanted for the bad pig. In shock the farmer quoted him a price so low that the pastor had no problem coming up with the money from his billfold. After paying the farmer, he told him that he was going to take the pig into town and tell everyone what kind of pigs the farmer sells, in which the farmer exclaimed that it was unfair to judge all his pigs by that one, all the rest were healthy, fat and quite valuable. Then the farmer said that it would be unfair to judge his church by one member.
I love this story, but in truth, the farmer needed to take care of the pig and bring it up to the proper condition for market and the pastor needed to look after his drunken' sheep. Few church members really understand that how they act in public reflects on the church they attend, if not the Church in general. The teaching of living a holy life as a testimony to Christ has become badly down played. It is great to advertise a "come-as-you-are" attitude at church, but we need to add, "But leave different." And we need more lovingly presented messages on resisting the sin that so easily ensnares us, Hebrews 12:1.
Back in the early 1980s, we, as a church, were learning about what the Church was and how each of us affected the workings of the Church.
We were directed to a story in the Old Testament known as the "Sin of Achan", which is found in Joshua 6-8. Before the attack on Jericho, the people were told not to take the cursed things of Jericho but to destroy everything but the silver, gold, bronze and iron vessels that were set apart for use in the Lord's service and be placed in the "treasury of the Lord". But during the attack Achan stole items from the loot and hid them in his tent. So when the next battle came, God withheld His protection and a much smaller force at the town of Ai backed down the Hebrews and drove them back. Confused, Joshua asked the Lord why and the Lord revealed that there was Sin-in-the-Camp. On later investigation, by lot casting, Joshua found out it was Achan who had sinned and had to be dealt with. After this, the Lord's protection was restored and the Hebrews again attacked Ai and succeeded. This is an illustration from God's dealings with His people that one person's disobedience in the church can cause failure in that church's mission. A lot of churches start off with a trumpet blast and end with being ran off by a small group of enemies, because of sin.
The Apostle Paul likens the Church as being made up of many parts (or members, partakers), we the believers are those parts. When one or more of the parts are nonconforming to the benchmark part or drawings, the whole lot is affected. Romans 8:29 says, we are called to become conformed in the image of Christ and according to Romans 12:2, not to the world. We are to daily give up things in our lives to become more like Jesus who is Joshua's Captain, Commander, and Prince of the Host or Army of the Lord.

So I encourage us in the Church, let's not only live our lives as a testimony to Christ, but to set a godly example for the church we are members with. If you see someone not up to specs, don't verbally attack them, but keep them in constant prayer. If the Lord leads you to talk to them, do so, but be sure you do not make things worse. Maybe the Lord shows you someone’s faults so that you may befriend them and be an example or that person may be able to help you with your nonconformity. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

So, You Love Jesus But Don't Like the Church.

(For this article Church with an upper case C refers to the universal Church, the Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ, church with a lower case c refers to the local church fellowship or community.)
I was listening to a podcast by Ger Jones of Vintage Church in L.A. and he talked about how he had heard people say that they loved Jesus but did not care for Church. He went on to say how wrong this thinking was. I too had heard people say this and at the time just thought it was one of those fad sayings of the contemporary Church. Although I knew it just did not sound right. When I heard Ger speak about it, it got me to thinking. Ger did a great job of teaching on the Church and I got a lot out of it. But I saw that it was just lunacy to think that we could love Jesus and not like His Church. The Church that Jesus called His Bride. (Rev. 19:7 and 21:9; Eph. 5:21-23)
I thought how I would feel if someone told me, "I love you but don't care much for your wife" or “Hey, let's have lunch but leave your wife at home." My wife and I are joined by Christ and cannot be separated by man. (Gen. 2:23-24) So is Christ and the Church, the Bride of Christ.
If you are one of these that say you love Jesus but could do without the Church, I urge you to consider the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, mentioned in the Bible. (Rev. 19:9) Do you really think you will make it being just a Jesus lover and not a lover of His Church?
Being in Christ, you are part of the Church. (Rom. 12:5; 1 Cor. 10:17 and 12:12; Gal. 3:28; Eph. 4:4-6) It is your part to join with the Body of Christ and become the Bride without spot or wrinkle.
I have told many people through the years who have told me they could not find a church they could feel comfortable with and I told them that they did not need to stop looking until they had visited every church in their town. It is foolishness to think that Christ saved someone and did not place them in the Church as a whole.  (Acts 2:47; 5:14; 11:24)
A true lover of Jesus Christ can fit in with any part of the Bride that the Lord guides them to. He may put you somewhere you feel uncomfortable in, but you are needed. Seek the Lord and choose to love His Church. Fellowship with them, pray for them and give thanks for them.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Mother's Day Thought

On Mother's day this month there will be many sermons and thoughts in our Churches and on radio programs on the virtues of motherhood and praise for worthy Mothers. But for years I've wondered about those who sit and listen and were not blessed with such a Mother. Although I had a good mother, I know some that did not and I would like to give you this quote for advice. 
"Love and honour given to a good Mother is your gift to her, love and honour to a bad Mother is your gift to God."  Wayne Brooks

Monday, April 13, 2015

Standing in the Marketplace

"And about the eleventh hour He went out and found others standing idle, and said to them, 'Why have you been standing idle all day?' They said to Him, ' Because no one hired us.' He said to them, ' You also go into the vineyard, and whatever is right you will receive." Matthew 20:6-7

We know that these verses are talking about the world as God's vineyard the mission field and laborers being sent out to reap. I would like to look at the men mentioned in the verses above. The day was half-gone and they had not heard the call for workers. Why were they late? Did they sleep late? Did they have other jobs? Either way, they were unavailable. This is a picture of the present state of the church. We are standing idle in the marketplace, waiting to be hired. This article is for those still waiting on their call.
The days of D.L. Moody, Brother Bryan and others have passed. No longer is it easy for the clergy to enter the workplaces and minister to the laborers. With the fear of religious harassment and insurance liability the doors to the marketplace have almost closed. Who then will reach these souls that labor their days away? Will they seek out our churches on Sunday, for some the only day off they have for their families? Do they have the time or energy to make a mid-week service? The numbers say "No". Who will reach them? The Christian that is full of motivational teachings urging them to reach out and work their way to the top of their potential, where they will have influence. Then they can be a light on a hill. Or should I say Ladder? I am not saying they cannot be used. They have and they will. But I speak from experience when I say that the one with his sites on that top run had better be sure that's where the Lord wants him. I gave an employee new to the management world a hard-learned lesson. To be management he must realize that everything he does and says becomes a reflection of the company you have chosen to take responsibility for. Even the way he reacts to co-workers after hours is not his own. So for the Christian seeking a place in management, he had better make sure that his faith and job could co-exist. Can you fire an employee that you have been witnessing to, and still maintain the witness? You must choose your priority, your position or souls. Or can they be one in the same?

How about the Christian that is trying to solve all of his ethical problems and believes he cannot be a witness until he is the best worker in his field? God can and will use the perfect employee. Each of us strives for Holiness in Christ. But just being the best worker is not enough. When the Lord started dealing with me about witnessing in the workplace, I searched everywhere for resources. Most of what I found was advice to be the best worker your boss could have. Be on time every day, stay busy and productive, do your work without complaining, be honest ...etc. I have had many workers with these qualities and they were not Christians. These things should be fruit of our lives and not something we must work hard at obtaining. We should not have to be told to "Work as unto the Lord". People may not notice our witness if we do these things, but they will definitely receive a witness if we don't. There is a place for this, but don't rely on them for your complete witness.

Or how about the one that believes he must develop a relationship with his co-workers and his life will be his witness and there isn't a need to speak? Relationships are needed for an effective witness but not to be relied on completely. God can and will use these, but He commanded us to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel". Yes I have heard it all my life. "Our lives preach". But we must add words to our lives, and relationships, in order to be complete.

Back to the question, who can reach the workers in the marketplace? I am persuaded that the Lord is calling for those late comers standing idle in the marketplace to go on into the fields, it's not too late. I believe He is looking for men and women that hear His call to become missionaries. Maybe they owe too many bills to be free. Maybe they are paying child support from bad marriages before they got saved and have this responsibility until the children are 18 years old. Maybe they have health problems that keep them from traveling to other countries. God is calling them to reap in His fields right here in the United States, The workplace, where the clergy cannot go.

He is calling for people who will take up the workplace as their mission field. They will work at the task just like we expect our overseas missionaries to work at theirs. Not to seek jobs or positions where they get the best pay or recognition, but for the ability to reach more people of the greatest need. For years the laity movement has tried to motivate the people to join in the work, but still maintain that the clergy are the ones that are "Full Time" in the ministry. God is calling people to enter the ministry full time through the workplace. Your pastor or denomination may not see you as called, but the Caller knows better. And He is the one who sets the wages.

He's calling for the person who will take a thankless job at a processing plant, which is noted, for the hardest work and the lowest pay. Just so they can reach the low-income families of their town. That is our mission field of today. This is being called the Fourth Frontier by people in the Faith@Work Movement. Who will take a job at a cigar plant just to be exposed to the lost? Who will take a job that requires Sunday work in order to reach the unchurched? And who is so bold as to get a job as a bartender, just so they could reach their town's outcast. These may be extreme moves to make, but most people are in the jobs that the Lord wants them in. They just need to hear their call to it. If you cannot be satisfied in your position, even after deciding to do it for the Lord, then it is time for a move. I hired a brother one time that was called to the mission field overseas. He worked with me until he could hear where the Lord wanted him. It did not take a large degree of discernment to know when it was time for him to go. He was stressed and unfit for any more work. He could do nothing else but "GO". So no one needs to fear that if they take a "regular job", that they may lose their "sense of mission". The Lord will not allow someone he intends to use on the foreign mission field to stay in the marketplace forever. Many have stayed when they were supposed to "GO", and the Lord has sent their jobs overseas instead.

If you are called out, then you will go in God's time. Until then the Vineyard owner is looking for those idle in the marketplace. He has a job for you. I would not belittle the great need of foreign missions. Their need is so much greater than ours in the United States, but we are missing a great training ground for our troops heading to the fields of the world. I have a vision of persons unable to "Go" now because of restrictions on their lives. But God is calling them to the workplace and not to be idle waiting on a call. In the workplace they will train for their service to foreign lands. Where in America can you get cross-cultural exposure like that in the marketplace? Try factory vending machine food, roasted grubs may not be that bad. I'm not against training schools; they are very much needed. But they need to incorporate the workplace as part of their training. A person needs just as much faith to support them in a job as the one that depends on others for support. Many people are missing a perfect training ground in the marketplace. With this, I end by saying, "The Owner of the vineyard is asking, 'Why do you stand idle, there is plenty of work for all. There is no unemployment in the Kingdom of God.'"
Original posted 12/03/2004

One Christian’s Opinion on Same Sex Marriage

I was watching a TV drama the other day and on this episode the President character was addressing a conservative Talk-Show host. He addressed her stand on Homosexuals and when she attempted to quote Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 the president began quoting other verses in the Old Testament laws such as on a Father killing a disobedient son (Deu. 21:18-21) and others. Then he asked her how he should go about enforcing these laws. This discourse (which made the conservative look stupid) got me to thinking.
Either we must take the whole or none of the Bible as Scripture and inspired of God. But no Christian that is a true follower of Christ would condone taking a homosexual outback and stone them or even lynch. A Muslim would but not a Christian. Then I was reminded of my study of the book of Hebrews (in the New Testament). The start of the book speaks of the things that the early prophets spoke were good, but now the words of Jesus were better. We are taught that the O.T. contains the shadows of the N.T. What does this mean, you may say? The things in the O.T. are there to show the work of Christ in the N.T... The laws in the O.T. were designed to keep the Hebrews in a clean environment away from idol worshipers and their unclean practices in their cultures. For in this group of people God the Father was bringing the Son into the world for all. God worked to keep the line going until the time to reveal His Son, Jesus.
The fulfillment of Christ put aside the Old Testament laws for something greater and lasting. God no longer demands that man kill man for breaking laws.
Now, do we accept the homosexual lifestyle as OK? No, the New Testament shows how God still rejects the sin of homosexuality but does not demand death. Instead He turns the person over to the natural results of sin. Mister or Missus Christian, homosexuals are not the only ones who get turned over to this if they will not repent of the sin that brought a loving Savior to the Cross.
So how are we as Christians supposed to view the current issue of Same-Sex-Marriage? First we must understand that marriage as ordained by God as to be between a man and a woman. God has instituted this sacrament as a picture of the relationship between Jesus, the groom, and the Church, as the Bride. To pervert this institution of marriage is to pervert God’s plan for human kind. We should be able to see how the enemy of God, Satan, has been working to pervert the definition of family for his purpose of hiding truth from God’s people. The family unite, including adoption and foster care, is a Holy Picture of God’s harmony, care and love for His people. If followed, no one would be lonely, no one would be deserted, and no one would be betrayed.
What are we to do with the issue of homosexuals and SSM? I believe that rights should not be extended to someone just because of a sexual identity. We as a Church should love the homosexual, but reject the lifestyle of such. I cannot get over the feeling that all this is about making homosexuality respectable and gaining benefits for partners in jobs. If this was really about people being in love, why do they need a piece of paper to live in their love? Haven’t heterosexuals been saying this for decades? Why do the homosexuals want to make it Holy? Just like heterosexuals today, after living in a sexual relationship without marriage, getting married will not make it Holy.

I could go on with more issues about homosexuality, but will not. We as a Church must find a way to love the sinner, but hate the sin. (Ouch, sorry for the tired cliche). We must learn to love as Christ without the acceptance of any sin. We must understand, God is not a murder, even in the Old Testament, SIN is the killer and Christ came to destroy the effects of our sinful nature.

 I did not reference many scriptures because of length and that I would encourage you to explore for yourselves these issues.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Secrets Of The KoranSecrets Of The Koran by Don Richardson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I found the book very informative. A lot I did not know. And backed up with plenty of references.

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Friday, March 06, 2015

Do You Have A Broken Tail?

Driving through Dothan, I got behind a little blue Toyota pickup with one of those Jesus fish on the rear window. The fish had part of its tail broken off and I had to chuckle. I wondered what happen. Did one of those Darwin fish bite part of the tail off or did the constant pressure of swimming upstream brake it off? Then my little chuckle turned to deep thought. Do you feel that the battle to live a pleasing life to the Lord Jesus has left you a little broken? It has become harder to swim in any waters, missing a part of your tail.
The Bible shows us from front to back that we as Christians should not depend on our own strength and abilities but totally trust in the Lord to use and work through us. That is where His glory comes from.  When we become broken and humbled we cry out for the Lord to heal us, when in fact, it is our brokenness that He rejoices in because He knows the end result. Our good!

Friday, February 20, 2015

That Faith Thing

Quite a few years ago, I attended a lecture by the Publisher and Editor-n-Chief of “Skeptic” magazine, Michael Shermer. He is also the author of the book, “The Believing Brain”. It was held at the College my daughter was attending at the time, Troy State University in Dothan, Alabama. I decided to go because I had read Skeptic magazine and I wanted to hear what evidence he was going to present.
Well, without speaking negatively of Mr. Shermer, I soon knew that no evidence was going to be presented. I only heard jokes, put-downs and ideas that where not backed up with science. I looked at the program and saw that he had two degrees in Philosophy and one degree in something called “Science Methods” (I could stand corrected on this; I have long lost the program by putting it in a book in my library). So he was not a scientist; he studied philosophy. This made the remarks even more insulting. I took notes in my mind for the Q&A at the end of the lecture, but behold I froze up and was intimidated by the man’s cleverness, and I did not want to look foolish. Then after the Q&A, he said it—I could not believe he did. He said, “I believe science has all the answers and if it doesn't it will eventually.” I was floored; this man was talking about his faith. I tucked this memory away in the back of my mind. I filed it under Amazing Faith.
But what is faith? We have all heard the definitions. I believe I knew where Mr. Shermer was coming from, he believes he has seen enough questions answered by science to have confidence that science will continue to do so. And if science fails, there will be a logical answer. What I cannot understand is why these people do not allow us to have the same faith in what we see as our creator answering all of our questions, and if He doesn't, we’ll wait patiently until He does. I have not read of any scientific result that has proven beyond doubt the theory of evolution. the results only show me a wonder working God. But back to faith, does Mr. Shermer have faith because he has seen answers in his view, as being answered? Doesn't that remove ‘believing’ from the equation?
Philosophically speaking, the same can be said to us Christians, if we have seen Christ work and believe because of those workings, does it cease to be faith. Are we missing the deepest kind of faith, choosing to believe God when we don’t see the evidence that He is able or willing? That is the faith I believe the Lord is looking for in us all. What joy does He have in Angels that see His face daily: They are knowers, not believers? Hebrews 11:6 (King James 2000 Bible) states: “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” Faith is a requirement for pleasing God. Nothing else will do except putting your trust in His finished work at the Cross, no matter what any other “evidence may show”.
This may sound closed-minded and narrow, but I quote again Mr. Shermer, “I believe science (in my case God/Jesus) has all the answers and if it doesn't it (He) will eventually.” In order to turn me from the God who has so loved me (John 3:16), you must show me non-life coming to life, on its on, naturally (without the help in a lab). And in accordance with scientific method, do it twice. Show me undeniable evidence of one species becoming another, alliterating their DNA on its own naturally. Until then, I put my full trust in a loving God who seeks those who will believe and will come back in His own time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

He Waits Patiently

I rose this morning, tired from a late night, rushing to get ready for work.
He waited patiently.
I ate my breakfast quickly with a muttered prayer of blessing.
He waited patiently.
I got in my truck and prepared for the trip with music, podcast and like.
He waited patiently.
I clocked in and worked till break to hang out with the rest.
He waited patiently.
I worked till lunch the best I could with thoughts of leisure on my mind.
He waited patiently.
Lunch time came and I spent it eating earphones on my head.
He waited patiently.
From lunch till break again, I did my labors in a mind tiring flow.
He waited patiently.
Break came again and I rallied with my coworkers until the last stretch of production was done.
He waited patiently.
Quitting time came and I got in my truck with music or podcast blaring.
He waited patiently.
I finally got home, showered and ate my supper to settle down for the day.
He waited patiently.
I settled in front of the TV with my family so dear to quit thinking for a while.
He waited patiently.
Time slipped into night and the time to retire was late.
He waited patiently.
I did not sleep well for the thoughts in my head, cursing all day and images of worldly programs.
He waited patiently.
 I rose this morning tired from a late night, rushing to get ready for work.
He waited patiently.
I ate my breakfast quickly with a muttered prayer of blessing.
He waited patiently.
I got in my truck and prepared for the trip with music, podcast and like.
He waited patiently.
I was called into the office, before clocking in, and told I was needed no more.
He waited patiently as I got in my truck and screamed “WHY”.
Now I rise in the morning to look for work, and patiently wait on Him.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Come off the Reservation

In the book, “Stronger than Steel: The Story of Wayne Alderson”, R.C. Sproul tells how Wayne Alderson was invited to a retreat by men in his church. Wayne decided to go after a rough time dealing with labor strike issues at the plant, of which he was just made operations manager.  He thought he would be able to relax but he heard a message that R.C. says stung his conscience. “The theme was a challenge to churchmen to put their faith and values to the test in the real world. They were told to come out from under the shelter of their steeples and into the marketplace.
The speaker likened the Church in an age of secularism to an Indian (Native American) reservation. Intrusions of God were not welcome in the public sector. Believers could be ‘safe’ only if they stayed on the ‘reservation.’ He challenged the idea that separation of Church and State meant the same thing as separation of State and God. He maintained that God’s authority applied to all of His creation, and His values were to be applied to all of life. Civil institutions should not become churches, but they were still fully accountable to God.
Wayne heard God saying to him, Come off the reservation…confess me before men.”
This may be old stuff to some, but it seems in most jobs I have had, there is not much of a witness to God’s power being done. The most that can be hoped for is people sitting around the break table cursing and telling dirty jokes one minute and mentioning going to church the next.
How dare I judge these people but it seems that they still believe that their ‘faith’ has no business in their worklife.  I was blessed to belong to a Church for many years that drove us little Indians off the reservation, which was good for me because I was never a very good little Indian. So if you are feeling a little uneasy now about your faith at work, try clocking in with your ‘faith’ in tow and use it. Come off the reservation.
I’m not implying that you need to leave the Church, just take your faith with you “as you go”, the Church or Reservation will be there when you get back.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Book Review: Stronger Than Steel by R.C. Sproul

Stronger Than Steel: The Wayne Alderson storyStronger Than Steel: The Wayne Alderson story by R.C. Sproul
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A great book for in the workplace. I've had this book for a long time but have never gotten around to reading it until now. Sorry I waited so long. Not only is it good for management and labor relations but it helped in seeing how Wayne Alderson dealt with being fired for doing good. Also it is nice to have an autographed copy in my library. Thanks Fred and Gloria, whoever you are, for donating it to a charity.

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Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Life is Short, Give it to God"

For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
“Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, and make a profit”; whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Instead you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.” But now you boast in your arrogance. All such boasting is evil. Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” James 4:13-17 NKJV
At first glance you may think that James is telling us that we do not need to make plans, just trust the Lord and let things fall into place. But I do not think so. He speaks of our life being short and we cannot depend on our own plans. We do not know if we will die, loss our job, become ill or any of the many disasters that can come on man. Instead me must seek the Lords will in all manners of our lives. From the smallest detail to the biggest decisions, we must seek Him. Matthew says in Chapter 6 and verse 33 of the book of Matthew, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” Therefore we should look at how our decisions will affect the Kingdom of God. We cannot look at this in the natural, but the supernatural or in the Spirit. So I say, "Life is Short, Give it to God"

Prayers of Martin Luther's for the Workplace

10. A Prayer Before Beginning One's Work.
Eternal and merciful God, I am about to resume my work and the duties of the calling into which Thou hast placed me, Thy servant. May I apply myself according to the ability Thou dost grant, so that I may serve my neighbor and make an honest living. Relying on Thy gracious promise, I there­fore heartily pray Thee to bestow upon me, for the duties about to be resumed, prudence, wisdom, under­standing, success, and blessing, together with health, so that I may not only make a good beginning, but in Thy name and by Thine aid arrive at a profitable close, thus at all times faithfully attending to my duties with a clear conscience and in Thy fear. To Thee I commend my work. Graciously let me suc­ceed in all that I undertake and let me accomplish what I undertake in Thy name, so that Thy light may cast a bright beam on my path to Thy praise and glory and to the welfare of my neighbol:.;
11. A Prayer for Blessing in One's Calling.
o Lord, Thou dost assign to each man his duties according to his abilities and dost want us to eat our bread in the sweat of our brow until we return again
'unto dust; and Thou hast promised that, if we fear Thee and walk in Thy ways, we shall eat the labor of our hands, and it shall be well with us. Behold, upon Thy word I have cast out the net of my calling. May my toil and ~abor not be lost, but grant that, working with my hands the thing which is good, I may have to give to him that needeth. May Thy blessing - on which all depends - ever attend my efforts, so that I may bring them to a successful issue without impairing the interests of others, in order that my substance be devoted to the honor of God and the members of my.family may be provided for. Cause Thy blessing, I pray Thee, to increase as time goes on; bless our ''basket and our store"; for Thy blessing maketh rich, and Thou addest no sorrow with it. 0 Lord, make my heart glad and my face joyful; give me health, life, and success. I ask all this subject to Thy will; Lord, hear my prayer. To Thee I commit my way and trust in Thee; Thou wilt bring it to pass. Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salva­tion. .dmen.
14. Thanksgiving upon Completion of Work.
Almighty, eternal, and beneficent God, I give unto Thee hearty thanks and praise for Thy most holy aid and assistance shown me this day; for
without Thee I surely could have done nothing, and
therefore all praise properly belongs to Thee. And I pray Thee, deign to be pleased with my work and have it tend to the welfare, in body and soul, of my­self and my fellow-men; through Jesus Christ, our Lord, true God, who liveth and reigneth to all eter­nity with Thee and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

From the Abridged Treasury of Prayers
Concordia Publishing
copyright 1942

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Advocate: 1 John 2:1

"My little children, these things I write unto you, that you may sin not. And if any man (or woman) sin, and if any man (or woman) sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous;" 1 John 2:1 KJV
First thing, we are Children in the Lord's eyes. If we expect to receive anything from the Father we must humble ourselves as children. Trust the Father that He knows best.
Second, John would not have told us not to sin if we could not do so. It is a lye that we sin hundreds of times a day without knowing. With the Lord's help only we can lead a sinless and blameless life before Him. Not with Holier-than-thou pride (for that is a sin) But being humble with the Lord's help and strength.
Third, IF we sin, We have an advocate.
Suppose we are going to court for a great offense. We are offered the service of the greatest lawyer in the world. He knows all the laws because He wrote them all. Wouldn't that be great?
Also suppose that the Lawyer turned out to be the Judge. That would really be great wouldn't it? But wait, the Lawyer/Judge says that He finds you guilty and the law demands imprisonment, retribution and then death. You jump up and say," Wait a minute! Who is the victim and can we settle out of court".
The Lawyer/Judge states that He is the victim. He is the one sinned against.
Then the Lawyer/Judge/Victim tells you that He has taken your sentence for you. (vs. 2 says that He was the propitiation for our sin. Meaning Payment) And that He is willing also to pay the legal fees.
On the local news there is a report of a woman that wants the State of Fla. to help with her legal fees. The courts are going to make her parents liquidate there home and savings to pay the legal fees. The cost of defense may be free to us but it is not cheap (read Bonhoffer's "Cost of Discipleship")
We have all been around enough to know that if something sounds to good to be true, then it usually is. Well there is one requirement the Lawyer/Judge/Victim/Payment demands. He demands that we become his adopted child and take His name and inheritance. Forsake that father (the Devil) and the mother (the World) that beats us and abandons us and receive Jesus our Father and our all.
To turn down this greatest of deals is to reject His payment and sacrifice and receive the debt that we owe, with no advocate. Just a very rejected Judge that will give justice.