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Monday, June 25, 2012

God Don’t Give Socks for Christmas

Have you ever had one of those times when the Lord gave you something unexpected? Something that He used to show you that He is near and He cares. Driving in my old pickup, that I affectionately call Williford, I noticed how nice it would be to have a sliding glass rear window. Seeing I have no AC and not likely to pay to have it fixed anytime soon. I could almost feel the wind on my neck from the air blowing in. Well it was a nice dream. I did not ask for one, and it was not on my list of priorities to get. Many other things, besides a truck window, was on my NEEDS list and that was a WANT. So I removed it from my mind.
Then one day as my wife and I where coming down our neighborhood street. This was odd in itself since my wife rarely accompanies me in Williford. Then she tells me to stop and turns around and says,” There is a window beside the road that is unbroken.” That was a strange thing to hear and I did not see it. I am usually the one who sees things beside the road and have to fight to keep from picking it up. So I turned around and after she pointed it out, I saw it not in the ditch, but lying on the asphalt beside the road. I saw it and it was a rear window that had sliding glass doors and tinted. I had forgotten my desire for a window like it for my truck and immediately thought it might sell at our ministry thrift store. But when we got it home we held it up to my rear window and it was a perfect fit. I got happy that I had a window for my old pickup. I thanked my wife and I thanked God. The chances that a window for my ’89 Ford pickup was laying in the road in my busy neighborhood, unbroken, was indeed a gift from God.

We trust in the Lord to provide for our needs. They are supplied daily and sometimes get’s to be so common that we do not acknowledge them. But the Lord promises to always provide these needs as our Heavenly Father. Wants, is another story. Just as a boy loves gifts at Christmas, because it is a want that makes it special. Socks and clothes should be given during the year. And a Christmas gift is a gift of Grace. We do not deserve the gift, it is from our parents. Forget Santa Clause and the naughty and nice list. In reality children do not have to do anything to receive gifts during Christmas. Because it is a way to show children they are special and loved. Likewise God has a way of giving us gifts of Grace that we did not need or deserve. Just His way of saying, I love you and I’m here for you.” Socks are good and needed, but it’s the gifts that show us a Holy Father that goes beyond promises.