Random Workplace Quotes


Friday, August 12, 2005

A Little Light

Today I saw a little light in my efforts to be a witness at work.
Since I am without a car to get to work. I have been getting my wife to drop me off on her way to work. That puts me getting to work a lot early.
I spend this time reading my Bible. Today the guys told me that I needed to clock in early is I was going to hang around. They said that they woulsd not and do not hang around without being on the clock. And they were true to their word. They clocked in sometimes 30 minutes earky and sat around in the breakroom.
They finnally just said,"Go ahead and clock in, no one will know". And without even thinking I replies that I would know.
They room grew deafly silent and think one of the guys said,"Well I guest that's what matters".
I had a sencond thought to add that God would know also, but I was quickened to leave it as is . The point was made.
The point was: I am differant. And they know why without me having to preach to them. It was another step in that direction.

Latter one of the guys (who was not present that morning) asked me if I drink beer. That lead to a good discussion also.

Tomes are a changing.