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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Reveiw: "She still Calls Me Daddy" by Robert Wolgemuth

A Great book for new “Fathers-n-Law” and those that may be in the future. Dealing primary with the changing relationship of the father and daughter.
When I started the book, "She Still Calls Me Daddy", by Robert Wolgemuth, I was not familiar with Mr. Wolgemuth's previous works. The book was fresh and it stood on it’s own. I did not feel that I missed out on this book by not reading his previous books. Clearly his insight into family issues and relationships was very good. They are relevant issues for today and tomorrow. I do not believe that this book will become outdated.
His insights are associated in terms of the remodeling of relationships and the making of a new one. With real life stories from his own family, he illustrates the insights in this book. User friendly, each chapter has a remodeling “check list” to help summarize the lessons introduced.
I am not a new “father-n-law” but I learned a lot on what to expect when the time comes and things that I can do now to prepare. It is also a good help for those in the family counseling field. Every pastor needs to read it.
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