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Monday, April 28, 2014

Brake a Habit to Please God

I rescued a book from the library discard pile awhile back. William Law's book titled "A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life". I started reading it and found him a little legalist or as it seemed to me. But I found a great lesson on page  21. On addressing a common problem of the day (1700s) , which was men swearing, he stated that, "Men have not so much as the intention to please God in all their actions." So the reason we so freely sin is because we lack the desire to truly please God. In a broad sense we could overcome our sins and everything that damages our relationship with God buy setting our mind and will to truly please God. This starts with a spirit of thankfulness. When we mediate on what He did for us, it seems that it would be easy to want to please Him. When we are thankful to wives, husbands, fathers and mothers, we want to please them. Even when a child is good and obeys his or her parents, the parents may want to please the child. In close, know the Lord, then you will love Him and want to please Him.