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Monday, August 27, 2007

A Quest For Answsers: The DaVinci Code

I found a copy of the book "The DaVinci Code: A Quest For Answers" by Josh McDowell at a local thrift store the other day. When I started to read it I could not ;put it down.
Now when the movie came out I did not bother to see it or read the book. I had heard enough on Christian TV to know what it was about and the false statements it contained.
So I did not give it any thought. Also the group that I'm around the most, factory workers, could not care less about it. There was NO talk during break time about the movie much less the book.
But when I read the book I saw that I needed to know more about my faith and how to share it. After seeing the movie on the cable TV guide I decided that I needed to see the movie. I did and I saw what I expected.
But back to the book. Josh has it formated like three college students coming out of the movie with questions and decide to read the book and discuss it. The book is basicly the dialogue that goes on about the claims that the charactors in the book/movie talk about.
I it is real easy to read. I read it in one afternoon. And it is not loaded with boring facts but tie the personalities of the students into the data.
The facts in this book are backed up with source references by Josh.

It is a very good read for those questioning Christ's claims of being God and His resurrection.

For those who do not know Dr. McDowell, he is the author of the book "Evidence That Demands a Verdict", now updated. He was a confirmed atheist in college and on writting his thesis on Jesus never existed, cvame to know Him throught his research.

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