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Monday, March 30, 2009

Quote On Reformation and Revival by Francis A. Schaeffer

"The Church in our generation needs reformation, revival, and constructive revolution. At times men think of the two words, reformation and revival, as standing in contrast one to the other, but this is a mistake. Both words are related to the word restore.
Reformation refers to a restoration to pure doctrine; revival refers to a restoration in the Christian life. Reformation speaks of a return to the teachings of scripture; revival speaks of a life brought into its proper relationship to the Holy Spirit.
The great moments of Church history have come when these two restorations have simultaneously come into action so that the Church has returned to pure doctrine and the lives of the Christian in the Church have known the power of the Holy Spirit. There cannot be true revival unless there has been reformation; and reformation is not complete without revival.
Such a combination of reformation and revival would be revolutionary in our day-revolutionary in our individual lives as Christians, revolutionary not only in reference to liberal Church but constructively revolutionary in the evangelical, orthodox church as well.
May we be those who know the reality of both reformation and revival so that this poor dark world may have an exhibition of a portion of the Church returned to both pure doctrine and Spirit-filled life."
Death in the City by Francis A. Schaeffer, InterVarsity Press, 1969-1976, Page 12

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Epistle of Temp #43

The new job is going well. I am Temp #43. As mentioned before I am employed with a temp agency and assigned to a snack foods production plant were we make snack foods of peanuts, almonds and cashews. Forget the peanut scare. That was across the Al-Ga. border.
I have a one hour lunch which I am not used to, were I can read. I'm in the process of reading "100 Days in the Arena by David Winter. I is divided in to 100 days of reading using quotes and writings from the early church fathers. (example: Polycarp...etc.)
Here is one that is good,"When I put off the old, that I had longed to lose, then I put on the new, the Lord Christ, whom I had longed to find..." Day 43 Augustine of Hippo (The readings are longer centered around the quotes)
I printed a copy of the letter of Polycarp to the Philippians. It is mostly quotes from other scriptures, but it is a valuable link to the early teachings of the Disciples.
We are studying in Church the Holy Spirit and how to be Baptized, Filled and lead-by Him.
I hope to write soon on these issues as used in the workplace. Your comments are needed.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Employed Again

I started work last monday at Bremner Food Group here in Dothan. I am working through Personal Resources.
I would like to thank all those who prayed for me and offered encouragement.
I realize in our present economy this job could be gone. But one thing I have learned and that is not to put our trust in Companies, people, or government. Unless the Lord is using such in His grand work in our lives.
I have heard many say things like," If we give God our best, He will give us His best" and when commenting on volunteering at church that,"we will get paid in the end". Well I am here to say that the Lord has already given His best. And yes the Bible has a lot to say about sowing and reeping. And that is good. But we must grow in our faith to the point where our giving is because we love the Lord and He has already given our best. When we come to this point we can truly trust in God to take care of us. My children do not have to do anything for us to take care of them. So why do we think we must give in order to get from our heavenly Father.