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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Book Review: The Wounded Spirit by Frank Peretti

Book Review: The Wounded Spirit by Frank Peretti
Off The back Dust-covert: " If you've ever been there. You've never forgotten. The feeling is as haunting and familiar as the smell of a junior high-school locker room.
It's the feeling of being undersized ....or klutzy or less than beautiful. Of being a nerd... or a geek ... or just, somehow, different. It's knowing you are vulnerable - and someone is ready and willing to take full advantage of your weakness by making your life miserable.
It's the fraternity you never wanted to join - the fellowship of the wounded spirit."

This is one book that I almost could not finish reading. Not because it was boring or full of untruths. It was because it hit to close to home. My home.
Just as the author Frank Peretti shared how he was bullied and mistreated as a kid. I to was picked on by those bigger and stronger. It brought back many memories I had tried hard to forget and succeeded. Until now.
Mr. Peretti shares some very good advice on how students, parents and school officials can deal with this problem in a positive way.
This book came to late for the students of Columbine. But it's time has come. I believe that if Christ had not saved me and I to was indoctrinated by the belief of "natural selection", Cottonwood High would have made it to the news first instead of Columbine.

This book is a must for teachers, principals and coaches. Not to mention bullies themselves would benefit greatly.

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