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Monday, August 06, 2007

Out of Print Book: God and the Day's Work

I've found this book at a thrift store and I am trying to find out if I can copy it to the internet.

The book is: God and the Day's Work by Robert L. Calhoun

The back cover reads:
"Robert Calhoun, Yale University Divinity School, revises his God and the Day's Work to make a Reflection Book that speaks honestly, directly, and realistically to the problem and the necessity of Christian vocation in an unchristian world - that God's requirements of faith and willing obedience may be fulfilled in whatever place a person may have been "called". Beginning with God - living mind at work, Dr. Calhoun portrays the distinctive status of man, the worker, in God's plans; defines daily work as a divine calling to have a part in God's perpetual task of making and remaking His world; suggests the deep level of religious living that flows from the socially responsible rhythm of worship and work.God and the Day's Work is not a call to specific Christian vocations; it's a call to transform all work and vocations into Christian vocation."

What a concept and get this. The book was copyrighted in 1957 by the National Board of the YMCA

As stated I would like to upload this book to the internet. I've tried to research it but am getting nowhere. Any help would be welcomed.

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