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Monday, July 16, 2007

Book Review: The Monday Connection

The Monday Connection: A Spirituality of Competence, Affirmation, and Support in the Workplace
by William E. Diehl

From the flyleaf: "Work is a part of God's plan for mankind. We are called to continue God's creative process through the work that we do. Our greatest witness to our faith in our places of work is our degree of competency. Unless we are competent, our witness as Christians is not seriously received by the world."

This book came out in 1991 and I've heard of it long ago, but never read it until now. Mr. Biehl does a good job of laying a background to the "Marketplace Ministry". Helping us to change our attitude about work and to see it for what it is. He does spread it on thick about Churches being ignorant of work issues. That may be right in some denominational and indepentant churches with full time pastors. But it is my exsperience that small churches with bi-vocational pastors do have a clue. My pastor since 1981 is a cattleman and peanut farmer. Well familar with the marketplace and in trying to reach those in his path. So all churches are not grouped together in this aspect.

This book does give some very good ways in which the Church can help us to reach those in our workplaces. This is a must read for all who are called to their workplaces.

Book Info:
Title: The Monday Connection
Author: William E. Diehl
Copyright: 1991 by author
Publisher: Harper-Collins
ISBN: 0-06-061925-2
Lof C#: BT738.5.D56 1991

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