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Monday, March 17, 2014

For the Love of God

Marketplace Christian

“ Let all that you do be done with love”
1 Corinthians 16:14

Upon reading this verse the first thought that came to my mind was, ‘Love what or whom”. Are we being told to work with love in our hearts for our bosses and co-workers? We are commanded to work with this attitude, but I believe He has a deeper meaning than “Love thy neighbor as thyself”. This is the main teaching of a lot of successful business speakers like Dale Carnegie, J.C. Penny and Mary Kaye. Not to mention the core belief in most major religions. But I believe Paul is telling us to do everything just because we love the Lord. If you could renew your mind to this way of thinking a lot would change in your workplace. If you did your work just for the love of Christ and not just for a paycheck, your workplace would be a peaceful place for you to work. There could be strife and confusion all around you but you would be in peace. Your job performance would not depend on your supervisor “empowering “ you. You could operate with the empowering of the Spirit of God and His joy would be your strength.

So how do we get this mind frame and love? In the book, “The Practice of the Presence of God”, the writer of the second conversation with Brother Lawrence had this to say. “That he (Brother Lawrence) always been governed by love, without selfish views; and that having resolved to make the love of God the end of all his actions, he had found reasons to be well satisfied with his method (of staying in God’s presence). That he was pleased when he could take up a straw from the ground for the love of God, seeking Him only, and nothing else, nor even His gifts”. In this account of Brother Lawrence’s life we find an example of how this is possible and how it can be obtained.

First, there is no way to practice this kind of love in our lives without spending quality time in God’s word and intimate time in prayer. Having settled this. We can start by looking for duties in our workplaces to give thanks to the Lord and set our minds on Him. And setting our will to only perform our labors just for the Love of God.

Years ago as a kid I was walking through the lobby of the local Boys Club and I bent down to pick up a piece of trash to throw away. Unknown to me the director of the club saw me and bragged loudly that I had done a good thing. Well this made my day. Being used to put downs instead of encouragement I then started doing things to get the attention of those in authority. Years later at the restaurant where I worked during High School I found myself carrying two bus-pans at a time. Hoping the manager would take notice. Twenty years later the urge comes to look around to see who’s watching before I pick up the trash off the factory floor. Now when I see a shop rag on the floor and I have to make a decision to pick it up or pass on by like everyone else. I just look straight down and tell the Lord that “I’m picking this up for you and because I love you. Doing it for anyone else would be a waste of my time.

Another example is cleaning the employee restroom when I enter, because that is what I feel Jesus would do just for the love of God the Father. Now I try to leave a public restroom cleaner when I leave than it was when I went in. (My wife is reading this now and wondering when am I going to start “Practicing the Presence” at home)

Doing our work just for the love of Christ takes a lot of practice. We have to stay focused on Him and stay in communion with Him. Now you may ask, “ How can this be done at work with all the distractions and will it not interfere with work and production?” Work issues will always come up and you need to take care of them. That is what we’re talking about. Letting the Lord guide us in doing our jobs right. Anyone who truly keeps the Lord in focus and lets him guide will be the greatest asset to his or her company.

You can choose to focus on Christ when your not dealing with work issues or you can waste your time with unfruitful conversations with your co-workers and keeping your mind on things that do not matter. Which only disturbs the peace of your workplace.

When you have to attend to work issues, do them promptly, completely and quickly. Then bring your mind back to Christ. Like Brother Lawrence, we must see that it isn’t a sin to have our minds took off of God for business reasons but it is sin not to return to Him and put our minds to worldly things.

I find it useful to view symbols in our lives as ways to remember to turn my focus back. Like the shamrock of Ireland and the fleur-de-lis (Iris, pictured at the top) of France, they are symbols of the Holy Trinity with their three-leaf design. At the factory were I work every time I see the Iris design on a “Hampton Inn” sign, I am reminded of the Lord we serve.

A good study of Bible numerology will give you an abundant supply of symbols to use. Items in groups of two could remind you of “salvation” telling the story of the animals entering the Ark two-by-two and Jesus sending out the disciples to preach the gospel two-by-two. As the number three can be for the Holy Trinity. The list could go on and on.

Also I have found that if you work with computers it helps to make up passwords that will remind you to focus.

For Example:

· AVODAH, which means to worship and/or work. I see it as worship by working unto the Lord.

· INRI, An abbreviation for the Latin words “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, which means, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.

· XPICTOC, Old Greek uncials for “Christ”

· IXOYC, The Greek Word for “Fish” in English characters. Which make up the acrostic by seeing each letter as: I (Jesus) X (Christ) O (God) Y (Son) C or E (Savior)

And So On. 1

I meet a lot of Christians in the workplace that sing to their selves in a low voice to keep their minds on Christ. Try this one, Sing the song “This Is The Day” and on the second verse change the words to “This Is My job”. Sing this and see what it does.

We all have our own ways to keep our focus on the Lord at work. If you love your spouse, children and family you should not have to come up with things to remember them by. But somehow we need helps and discipline to achieve this with God. When it is all said and done. If we love the Lord we will make time to think of Him and gauge our work according to the love we have for Him. But doing things for the love of God can be more than just a nice thing to do, but a lifestyle that few dare to dream of.

We must see that the only reason for being in the workplace (or anywhere) is to be a witness of God’s goodness. Entering into work as worship (avodah) by doing it for the love of God is the only way to show up for work.

I end with this challenge. Try doing things for the love of Christ and if you do not become the best worker in your company. I will return your consulting fees.

1 “Symbols – Sign Post of Devotions by Ratha McGee, Published by The Upper Room c.1962