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Thursday, September 08, 2011

9/11 Rememebered

(This is an altered repost)
This week we wish to remember those who had their lives took away in the bombing of the world trade center in New York. They did not give their lives. They did not die by accident. Their lives were stolen. By those who see it as their religious duty to take what is not their's to take. I wish to incourage our leaders to stay firm in there resolve. Do not lay down our security trusting others will play fair. History has proven otherwise. The enimy thinks our nation is of Satan because of the evil we allow to happen in public view
We are in a war of worldviews.
It is a war between belief systems.
And more than anything else, it is a spiritual war. Which our politions are unable to fight......... Well let me not preach.

Where were you on that day. I was working for a sign company in Dothan Al. I was headed for a meeting when my boss came in and told us what was on TV and that the meeting was canceled. We went up to the room were someone had set up a TV and watched in shock.
The rumble of the buildings rocked even our world. Later as the nation sank into financal limbo, our company when bankrupt and sold out. The economics of our business had changed. People did not need signs like they thought they did. Some businesses went under leaving us with a yard full of unpaid-for signage that we could not sell. I was laid of soon after.

I can not compare this to those who lost there lives that day or those who lost love ones. But by the grace of God our Lord Jesus. Today is brighter that that day. When people can sit and complain about there government and not be arrested that's a brighter day. It's to bad that we as a people don't want others to have that same freedom. Talk all you want about the war and our president, but remember 9/11.