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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Remember Natalee

Newest News from Aruba as of today (see time stamp)

Court blocks re-arrest in Aruba mystery

By BEN FOX, Associated Press Writer Fri Feb 15, 10:43 AM ET

I saw the news article Tuesday (12/18/07) on Aruba putting Natalee Holloway's (an Alabama Teenager) case on "Cold File" status.
Without ranting on injustice and other issues about this case. I look at my 19 year old daughter and wonder why anyone would send their child off to an island were any person of any age can enter a bar and get drunk? I blame not the parents but the whole worldly view that kids graduating from school should be rewarded by letting them go off and sow their wild oats. This is a lie from Hell and soon more children (and that is what they are. Not young adults.) will end up being the ones planted.

But I do not want to go into all the issues involving this case. I just want us to remember her through the years and not forget that our responsibility to our children do not stop when they get their diplomas. And they board that ship for a Sr. trip to mark their passage to adulthood. Let's use our common sense, OK?

Also, Let’s do something constructive , boycott Aruba. Don’t go, let your school system know not to allow senior trips there, and contact Game Shows, or the networks they appear on, when you see trips to Aruba offered.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Black History Month - Part 1

This being black history month. I hope to do some post on some of my black heroes. Being a white southerner this may be strange to some, but it should not be. There were (is) some really smart and real black people in history that really made a difference.

Watch for these post in the next couple of weeks as I gather my information.

My interest in this subject started years ago. In the Wiregrass area we have the "Peanut Festival" once a year. Back in the early '90's I noticed that there wasn't much acknowledgment to Dr. George Washington Carver. The brilliant scientist that discovered the many uses of the peanut. Making it the cash crop for our area after the attack of the boweavel on cotton crops. Almost ruining the south's economy.
Being a street minister at the time and needing a good tract to pass out, I wrote a tract on Dr. Carver and his belief in God as it's message. People took the tract and some teachers asked for more to give their students. By the next year there were floats honoring this black gentleman.
And now we have a small museum for him here is Dothan. Men like this are worthy of acknowledgment.

I hope to share more on Him and others of the black race that I have come to admire.