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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Military Appreciation Blog Post

During my senior year of high school, we students were approached by military recruiters that promised us we would never see war action and that if we joined the National Guard we would stay near home. I felt this was a lie and did not trust the army or any other military branch. Movies about the Viet Nam war were poplar, like Rambo and the Chuck Norris flicks, but this was not the reason I did not join.
I was a very small and puny kid in senior high and barely passed Physical Education. I had not long before gave myself over to the Lord and quit doing drugs, so following Jesus was my only thought at the time.
Not long after high school while a lot of my class mates choose to look ahead and serve our country, I stayed and serve the Lord on the streets of Dothan as a lay minister, on the streets, concert lines, jails, group homes and detention centers. I had joined a very exclusive army. As I grew older and moving further away from the prime age for enlistment, became aware that I might have missed an opportunity. Veterans were getting honor for their service. The first question asked in the unemployment office was, “are you a veteran?” I felt ashamed when I had to say no and I was a little mad because I felt a little discriminated against. I could not see how vets were honored and those serving the Lord over-seas and at home were forgotten. Then the Lord showed me that the soldiers were ministers as well and just as they trust their leaders to take care of them for their service, so the Lord’s soldiers were to trust Him for their care after the battles. And that the Lord used the world’s soldiers to secure freedom for us to spread the truth through-out the world. So I honor the military today for their service not only to our country but to the Lord.
Thank you,
Dad, Uncle Duke, Frank & Curtis (my brothers), and all those I have meet through the years.