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Monday, April 25, 2011

Memorial Day Post

Just wanted to remember some family on memorial day. Since MD started with our country remembering those who died during the Civil War, I would like to acknowledge two that gave their lives. I do not know if they had family to caring on so I'll do this to remember them.
Joel Brooks went off to war with five of his sons. He and my 2nd great grandfather returned to leave the line that I am from. But two Samuel's brothers did not.
Balaam Brooks of the 1st Al. Perote Guards was captured at Is. 10, survived Camp Randell and was killed at the siege of Port Hudson. Port Hudson was the last Confederate stronghold to fall on the Mississippi River and not Vicksburg. The Confederates got to the point they had to boil their shoe leather to eat in order to survive. Only after they got the news that Vicksburg fell did they surrender.He was killed before the end. As fare as I can tell his father Joel who's service was up went to Port Hudson to be with his boys and stayed for the siege. He is listed at the park that is there now but not listed in the official Alabama records.
Lucius D. Brooks of the 60th Al. was killed by a snipper at Petersburg, Va. The report says minnie ball which makes me think he was shot by a confederate, but let's stick with the official record.
Both of these I would like to remember. There are more details of their service but I let it go.
My father served in the navy was not in any war. And I take it MD is for those who died in war time.
To those who served , RIP
(All Direct bloodline to me exept 4 of Joel's sons)
Joel Brooks 1st. Al. Co.G
John Brooks s/o Joel 34th Al. Co. A & 60th Co. A
Lucious D. Brooks s/o Joel 60th Al. Co. B (Killed)
Andrew J. Brooks s/o Joel 1st. Al. Co.C (Missing)
Balaam Brooks s/o Joel 1st. Al. Co.C & B (Killed)
Samuel Brooks s/o Joel 1st. Al. Co.G
John E. Cook 1st. Al. Co.G
Edward Y. Martin 60th Al. Co. C
Elish W. Blankenship 33rd & 60th Al.
A. Matthew Grantham 1st Al. Co. I (Died POW)
J. Andrew Grantham 18th & 39th Al. (Died POW)
William R. Albrittion Provost Guard (Killed)
Jasper E. Barnes 3rd Reg. Hillard's Leg. 59th Al
Dempsy Cook 4th Reg. Ga. St. Trps Co. G