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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Currently Offline at Home

Sorry guys, I'm currently offline at home but will try to post when I can make it to the library or Troy State Dothan's libaray where my daughter goes to school.
I've been reading up on English history and have been finding it very interesting.
Many people blame the Bible and Christians for the "dark ages" but while making myself informed I have found that the Huns and the fall of Rome caused the DA and the "church" was the only light in the arts and literature that there was. I'm reading about Alfred the Great right now and he is fascinating as a leader. You know, "driving off the Danes", thing.
I will expound on this later, but wanted to give you all something to read while you were here.

Second piece of news. DishNetwork stole over $400 from my bank account. Without letting me know. We had trouble getting them to down size our package so we canceled the service. A month without service they took out one month's payment for services we did not have and $400 for the box they did not tell us to return and did not ask for. Needless to say there goes our house payment and gas for a week to get back and forth to work on. More on this later.

Just celebrated my wife's and my 25 wedding anniversary. Also more on this later.

And I hope to see,"Exspelled" soon with Ben Steins. Guess what? More on that later, too.