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Monday, February 06, 2012

For Whom the World Was Not Worthy

I would like to take this time to honor some fallen soldiers. Not the ones in brown with body armor, but those only wearing spiritual armor. Two Texas missionaries were brutally murdered in Mexico on February 2, 2011 . They were John and Wanda Casias of the First Fundamental Independent Baptist Church in Santiago. They had been serving there since 1979. Drug cartels are blamed for this crime. It seems we are losing our elder warriors at an alarming rate. Where are the younger generation that we here that are on fire for the Lord. Will they rise up to battle or are they content to stay in their contemporary Church services with their casual dress and contemporary worship? We need some with the old time religion of these devoted saints.

I also just learned of 59 year old Nancy Davis who was also gunned down in Mexico last January 27,2011. Here is a snip from a youtube video of her and Sam, her husband.

Let us remember these sanits and all the others that serve the Lord. Not just will to die for Him but to really live for Him in the fullest.