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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Fire of Sacrifice by J.C. Penny

Just as it takes the fire to burn the dross from the ore, so does it take the spirit of sacrifice in our lives to bring out the best within us.  Trials, labor, grief, are but the fires in our lives which are necessary to purify and bring out our virtues.
In business, sacrifices are demanded of us as well as labor, trials and economics. All these straighten our judgment, make for administrative qualities and cultivate resourcefulness
Is there any sacrifice worth-while? Yes, because of the compensation, not compensation of dollars and cents, or in name and glory, for the compensation to self.
Sacrifice establishes character. It makes for purity of motives, honor, dependability, power for service and unselfishness. It takes the fire of sacrifice to clarify a man’s mind and heart so that he can establish the worthier ideals for himself. A man who desires anything must be willing to go the whole way for it, not halfway. No man gains anything in the way of power and privileges who does not pay with a change in habits, thought and action.
“Lines of a Layman” by J.C. Penny, c.1956, Channel Press, Great Neck, NY, page 118

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