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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Remembering My father

I would like to take time in remembering my dad today.
He passed away on Oct. 18, 2007
He was born in Skipperville, Al. Along with his twin sister Frances.
He was born to Oscar Morris Brooks and Ira Blankenship.
Grandmother died not long after they were born, then being raised by her sister Minnie later moved to Cottonwood to live with Minnie on the Blankenship Farm owned by Cousin John Blankenship.
Here they lived as share-cropers. Dad spoke of having played ball with Nazis POW's during WW2. When he became 18 he joined the Navy. Then married my mother Bettie Maxine Duke after a courship through the mail. (My mom's nephew (who was older than my mom) married my dad's twin sister. My mom lived with her brother and that's how they got together)
He was a descendent of two confederate soliders. Joel N. Brooks and his son Sammual C. Brooks of Pike Co. Al.
Dad was a deacon at Union Hill Baptist Church in Cottonwood, Al.
He was well liked around C'wood. At one time he worked for the city and was their police, fire and water man. I remember he carried no gun and would not until he became a guard at the local nuclear plant that was being built in the 70's.
I remember we were buying some used auto parts from a (drunk) dealer in town. While my dad went to get the part off a wreck (that's how they did it back then) the dealer (while play cards with other drunks) told me privately that, " when your dad worked for the city, Cottonwood had something". I felt very proud. He left this world with a good name. I can only hope I do the same.

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