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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our Spiritual Heritage And Obligations By J. C. Penny

Our Spiritual Heritage And Obligations by J. C. Penny

I HAVE found silence to be a powerful element in prayer. To learn to be alone with God even in the
presence of others is something we Christian laymen should try to do. There are innumerable times during the day when we can turn our thoughts, even for a moment, from business affairs and center them on God's goodness, Christ's love, our fellow man's needs.
I have not omitted by design reference to our obligation as laymen to the church. Rich is our
spiritual heritage, and we all owe more to the church than we can ever repay for preserving Christ's
teachings, holding together believers, providing a place for religious instruction for ourselves and our
children, and giving spiritual leadership in our home communities, our nation and the world. The layman should give himself, his talents, his experience and support to the church. The church in turn should offer an even greater opportunity for spiritual growth to the layman. It should help him see the necessity of bridging the gap between the practical and the spiritual, and then counsel him as he proceeds to take the steps day by day which will result in spiritualizing all of his daily contacts.

From Lines of a Layman pg 27

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