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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Temp #43: The Stand

Still working through the temp company. Three others were just hired on full time. Although I've been with BFG longer with PR, they have been in the department longer. One that was hired is leaving for boot camp and just quit. Why would anyone hire a guy knowing he was going to leave soon? The amazement of a worldly mind.
I've been playing pretty nice. Just reading my bible at break time and working hard unto-the-Lord. Pretty much keeping my mouth shut until the right time to say something. I don't comment of the filthy language because a lot of times I'm not included in the conversation.
But today while both shifts were meeting, one of the guys announced that they could now buy alcohol on Sundays in Alabama. And after much celebration from all (but me) around he added that he had heard it on the news that Montgomery (our capital) voted it in with out any opposition. Then the guy next to me went into how he was glad. Now he would not have to stock up on Saturday to be able to drink on Sunday.
Well this was about all I could take so I added in," Well this makes me feel great. My mother was ran over while walking home from church on a Sunday by a drunk driver. I appreciate it guys". Well you could feel the air sucked out of the room. Needless to say I was the most unpopular person working that night. One guy did stop to give some positive comments on what I had said and gave a testimony of the Lord delivering him through a Recovery Program.

What hit me the hardest is, were where our Pastors and denominational leaders at during this vote. Was it keep quit so they could pass it without hindrance?
We Christians need to get our Pastors on the ball or we are going to lose everything to the world.
I know, I've heard it before," if Alabama does not let it be sold (for taxes) they will buy it in Ga. or Fl.
Well next time my mom is in pain waiting for another operation to fix what was broke 30 yrs ago, I'll just tell her, "It's OK mom, if that guy did not hit you someone else would have". That will make things alright.
What else will we let go of. I forsee an abortion clinic out numbering our Churches. If that is possible.
Well, I felt I needed to make a stand on this issue. I did not lose my temper, but they could tell I was aggravated.
I pray that when things get bad for my co-workers and they need answers that they will seek out those willing to stand apart and seek answers to life. I know not what seed was planted, but I'll just let it grow.

(Later Note: I was told latere that it was decide during our last election. Sorry, just needed to rant, excuse me "exault". LOL


Henry said...

Wayne, this past summer's election voted for sunday alcohol sales.

Yes - 7,829
No - 5,116

Even tho the people spoke, still rubs me the wrong way. Yet another indicator of the fallen nature?

Wayne said...

Hey, that makes me feel a lot better. I did not hear much about it. Just had to rant a little.