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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy Spirit, Take A Break

Did you ever wish the Holy Spirit would just take a break? Tonight at work was one of those days. One of the other drivers got in my way while I was pulling an order, blocking my way so he could get his. It really made me mad (or aggravated, I seldom get mad). I was forced to leave the area before I said something I would regret. Luckily I needed to change the battery in my lift. I really wanted to get mad and tell the boy what I thought. I think some of them are taking advantage of my loving nature. {LOL} But the Holy Spirit softly spoke those Oh familiar words, "get over it". So I went back and finished my load after he was out of the way. I had finished my order way before some of the others so I was told to help some of them with there's since it was almost time to knock off. Sooo while I was looking, guess who was the first one I came across?. You guessed it. Big Boy himself. He was stacking a pallet load. A real pesky part of the job. I paused to help him and could not help but "get over it".
And again while I was helping another driver with his load I noticed a couple of damaged cases on the pallet. I cleverly shifted them to face the damaged part inside so they would not show. It was 5 minutes until time to leave. But that Holy Spirit softly spoke those Oh familiar words," If you were the customer would you want those? and if Jesus was loading that pallet would He let that go?". So I fixed the pallet and replaced the case.
Some times you just want to tell Him to take a break. But as I felt later. I did the right things and the Lord was pleased. And that is what it is all about. Now I'll take the break.
Oct 2009 Working at Bremner Foods

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