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Monday, April 13, 2015

One Christian’s Opinion on Same Sex Marriage

I was watching a TV drama the other day and on this episode the President character was addressing a conservative Talk-Show host. He addressed her stand on Homosexuals and when she attempted to quote Lev. 18:22 and 20:13 the president began quoting other verses in the Old Testament laws such as on a Father killing a disobedient son (Deu. 21:18-21) and others. Then he asked her how he should go about enforcing these laws. This discourse (which made the conservative look stupid) got me to thinking.
Either we must take the whole or none of the Bible as Scripture and inspired of God. But no Christian that is a true follower of Christ would condone taking a homosexual outback and stone them or even lynch. A Muslim would but not a Christian. Then I was reminded of my study of the book of Hebrews (in the New Testament). The start of the book speaks of the things that the early prophets spoke were good, but now the words of Jesus were better. We are taught that the O.T. contains the shadows of the N.T. What does this mean, you may say? The things in the O.T. are there to show the work of Christ in the N.T... The laws in the O.T. were designed to keep the Hebrews in a clean environment away from idol worshipers and their unclean practices in their cultures. For in this group of people God the Father was bringing the Son into the world for all. God worked to keep the line going until the time to reveal His Son, Jesus.
The fulfillment of Christ put aside the Old Testament laws for something greater and lasting. God no longer demands that man kill man for breaking laws.
Now, do we accept the homosexual lifestyle as OK? No, the New Testament shows how God still rejects the sin of homosexuality but does not demand death. Instead He turns the person over to the natural results of sin. Mister or Missus Christian, homosexuals are not the only ones who get turned over to this if they will not repent of the sin that brought a loving Savior to the Cross.
So how are we as Christians supposed to view the current issue of Same-Sex-Marriage? First we must understand that marriage as ordained by God as to be between a man and a woman. God has instituted this sacrament as a picture of the relationship between Jesus, the groom, and the Church, as the Bride. To pervert this institution of marriage is to pervert God’s plan for human kind. We should be able to see how the enemy of God, Satan, has been working to pervert the definition of family for his purpose of hiding truth from God’s people. The family unite, including adoption and foster care, is a Holy Picture of God’s harmony, care and love for His people. If followed, no one would be lonely, no one would be deserted, and no one would be betrayed.
What are we to do with the issue of homosexuals and SSM? I believe that rights should not be extended to someone just because of a sexual identity. We as a Church should love the homosexual, but reject the lifestyle of such. I cannot get over the feeling that all this is about making homosexuality respectable and gaining benefits for partners in jobs. If this was really about people being in love, why do they need a piece of paper to live in their love? Haven’t heterosexuals been saying this for decades? Why do the homosexuals want to make it Holy? Just like heterosexuals today, after living in a sexual relationship without marriage, getting married will not make it Holy.

I could go on with more issues about homosexuality, but will not. We as a Church must find a way to love the sinner, but hate the sin. (Ouch, sorry for the tired cliche). We must learn to love as Christ without the acceptance of any sin. We must understand, God is not a murder, even in the Old Testament, SIN is the killer and Christ came to destroy the effects of our sinful nature.

 I did not reference many scriptures because of length and that I would encourage you to explore for yourselves these issues.

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