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Friday, March 06, 2015

Do You Have A Broken Tail?

Driving through Dothan, I got behind a little blue Toyota pickup with one of those Jesus fish on the rear window. The fish had part of its tail broken off and I had to chuckle. I wondered what happen. Did one of those Darwin fish bite part of the tail off or did the constant pressure of swimming upstream brake it off? Then my little chuckle turned to deep thought. Do you feel that the battle to live a pleasing life to the Lord Jesus has left you a little broken? It has become harder to swim in any waters, missing a part of your tail.
The Bible shows us from front to back that we as Christians should not depend on our own strength and abilities but totally trust in the Lord to use and work through us. That is where His glory comes from.  When we become broken and humbled we cry out for the Lord to heal us, when in fact, it is our brokenness that He rejoices in because He knows the end result. Our good!

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