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Monday, June 27, 2011

Jesus Story: The Wedding in Cana

In the book of John chapter two we have the only account of a wedding feast attended by Jesus and His disciples. This means nothing except that John was lead to record it and the others were not. It is a wonderful picture of Christ's character to see that the first recorded event that He took the disciples to was a celebration. A wedding.
There have been many assumptions about this story by well meaning ministers and Hollywood. I would like to first address a couple of these and keep in mind that this story is about Jesus and all of the other characters in the story are extras and not meant to be scrutinized. It was not written to present doctrine. When we stray from Jesus and focus too much on others and events, we risk the danger of taking our eyes off Jesus and sinking into the deepest of error.
For example, Mary is shown in movies as being a relative of the couple. No where does it say this, although Mary seems to be overly concerned about the wine running out and making the family look bad. Either she was a relative, a busy body or just a compassionate person noticing that the "MC" was not doing his job by tending to the wine. Many have tried to prove that Mary is not so important because Jesus called her "Woman" and not Mother. Mary did give some very good advice, " What ever He says to you, do it." But again these passages are not about Mary, although "Blessed is she among all Women". This story is about Jesus.
Another example is how many use the fact of the MC calling the wine Jesus made as "good" to show that Jesus made unfermented wine and we as Christians should not drink it also. But these verses are not about the wine. Whether the unfermented wine was drank last so the people would not get drunk all through the ceremony or the fermented wine was served first. Who knows and really, "Who cares?" This story is about Jesus.
Some have tried to use numerology to set some kind of mystic meaning to the number of pots used and how much they held. But in truth all it shows is that a lot of water was used. This story is about Jesus and not a bunch of pots.
Now to the point, when I read this story about Jesus I saw the finger of God all over it. A story no earthly man could have conceived. You see the story, which is a fact, is also a prophecy as to the way Christ's ministry on earth will end. As it states, " in three days." We remember the stories of Jonah and Lazarus and how these stories point to the Resurrection of Jesus. This event is the same. It points to Jesus rising again on the third day to complete the task giving Him, as in the deliverance of Jonah from the great fish and Lazarus from the grave. We see in this picture that the pots used in the obedience of the law, were used to produce wine by Jesus. We know that wine is symbolic of His blood being shed
for our transgressions. Out of the pots that were set aside, consecrated and used only for the purification ritual, came grace. Showing that law became grace and that's when the party got into full swing. The celebration really started then. Only the Lord could have set this up to show us He had a plan from the beginning. NO man could have done this. The Bible truly is a remarkable book and inspired by God.

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