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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Just Read: Rescue by John Bevere & Mark Olsen

My wife, Stephanna, just read a book and gave it to me about three days ago with
the challenge to get it read by Sunday. I started it that day and finished it in
two days.

The book was, "Rescue" by John Bevere and Mark Olsen. I do not believe I have
ever read any of John or Marks books before. I am familiar with Mark's
"Hadassah: One Night With The King". This book was written in 2006 and published by Bethany House.

I found it to be a very good work of fiction with a lot of Biblical truth and
teaching, mixed in with a little suspense. I believe Steph wanted me to read it
before Sunday because it dealt a lot with Church, the Gospel, marriage, divorce
and just plain relationships without being sentimental worldview dribble. A good
look at how what looks like a great church on the outside can be deceiving. But
we want beat that dead horse.
I really recommend that everyone from Pastor down get a hold of this book and
read it.
Caution through, it might mess up some of your theology.

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