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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Jesus Story: Back to Cana

Joh 4:43-54
After Jesus and His disciples spent two days in Samaria they went to Cana of

I assume they passed through Nazareth because of the comment made that Jesus
testified that a prophet had no honor in His home town. We read in the other
gospels the trouble He had when He was there last. Luke_4:24.

The people of Galilee received Him gladly. They had gone down to the feast in
Jerusalem and heard about all the things He had done. I imagine them laughing
with each other asking, " Did you see the look on the temple leaders' faces when
He over turned their tables?", and spoke of the miracles.

When a noblemen from Capernaum heard that He had arrived from Judea, he went to
Him to ask for the healing of his dying son.

Jesus accused him of not believing unless he saw the miracle. Many people brag
so much on the blessings they get from the Lord because of their giving that I
wonder if they would serve Him if He withheld all the blessings from them. I
know the Bible promises blessings to the children of God, but we must allow the
Lord to work His will in our lives. We must be willing to take the bad if it is
His will to work in us that way. A child of God moves his Father's heart when he
serves Him when the times are bad and does not desert the Him. When the Lord
feed the multitude and they wanted to crown Him king there on the spot, Jesus
fled because He refused to be followed just because He supplied needs and He
will not be forced. Let's not force the Lord to bless with scripture. Claim His
promises, but I say again, "allow Him to work His will in our lives".
John_6:15 He wants our total trust. That's what He wanted from the nobleman.

Jesus sent him away telling him his son us healed. It was around 20 miles from
Cana to Capernaum. Jesus did not make a fancy prayer. He just spoke and the boy
was healed over 20 miles away. Power was given when the man "believed His word".

Why can'nt we just believe without seeing and trust the Lord? To just believe
His word blesses the Lord. Let us bless Him. Instead of always wanting to be
We have seen in the scriptures Christ first meet with a Religous leader in
Jerusalem, then meet with a half-breed adulterous in Samaria, now he meets the
need of a nobleman from Capernaum. He is truly the Lord of all.

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