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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Used Chromosome Theory

{This is from a comment I made on Crosswalk Forum}
The first time I had heard of the fused chromosome theory was on a Nova episode. When I heard it the questions that came to my mind was:
1. Have science been able to fuse two chromosomes in the lab or is it the same as the life-from no life theory.(And even if it can be done in the lab does not mean it can be done el-natural)
2. If the ape chromosome fused to make a human , wouldn’t that create a jump in the line of evolution crossing out the links between Heidelberg man and Cro-Magnon. If evolution is a slow process, wouldn’t the creation die before being able to mutate.
3. Why is it so hard to believe that God (by definition is all-powerful and can do anything) created man as recorded in the Bible. Or what in an animal tells it to mutate or fuse. What force, what intelligence tells the creature to mutate to a more needful level. Naturaly it is just hard to believe. And I have seen no evidence that persaudes me to leave a believe system that has proven true to me for the past 31 years. My rejection of the spirit part of me would cause me to de-evolve so-to-speak in the scheme of things.
Can science prove without a doubt that the chromosomes fused by themselves naturaly. I can find no evidence of this in writing or on the web. We are told to believe just because some biased scientist say we should. I don’t think so. Show me the evidence.
Major Ian Thomas once wrote to the affect of (my paraphrase):” Anything that can be explained in human terms is probly not the work of God”. (Mystery of Godliness by Major Ian Thomas)
1Nov 18 2007

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