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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Resource Review: Avodah Institute

This is my first post that I will do reviewing the resources that I offer on the links side of my blog. I will try to keep this up and maybe stir some of you to some useful sites that will help you fulfill your call to reach your co-workers.

As stated on their site The Avodah Institute's primary purpose "is to help meet the spiritual needs of people in the marketplace. Our mission is to help leaders integrate the claims of their faith with the demands of their work."

I have found this site informative and helpful. They will gladly sign you up for their newsletter if you will visit their site and sign up. The offer resources and such to those trying to reach their co-workers. I recommend this site. You may visit it via the link on the left side of this blog under Marketplace Ministry Links. Or click on the title of this post.

Please visit them and don't forget to come back.

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