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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Newsweek Revelations

I was in the doctor's waiting room the other day and picked up an issue of Newsweek.
I started read stories of Hillary and other politicians and came to the stark revelation.
The liberal media does not care who they write negative about. If someone looks bad, they're the target.
They take great pride in bringing up past failures. The article could be going good then all of a sudden they throw in a past failure that has noting at all to do with what is going on now. I can see why Dan Q. did not ever get back into the ring. Who wants to have their accomplishments written about and also have a spelling mistake repeated over and over. Like that would make him a bad president.

I am a Bush supporter because he is believable. He does not hid behind fancy speech writers that know how to say everything just right.
He says what's on his mind and allot of times it gets him in hot water. Beware of candidates that always say the right things at the right time. There is something non-human about them.

Also in this issue (Sept. 17, 2007) I was surprised to see an article (Prayer in Pyongyang by Christian Caryl and B.J. Lee) on Christian persecution in North Korea. The story speaks of Son Jong Nam, son of a high ranking officer in the military, who converted to Christianity and returned to NK to share his faith. He is now in prison on death row. I have heard read many blogs on war being not Christian. But if we don't help the oppressed in other countries, who will? England? No way! France? To busy becoming Muslim. Yes the Bible speaks of not kill our enemies, but that speaks of revenge. Would the Lord want us to stand by while others suffer. The Bible speaks of "religion" that is undefiled is to protect the widows and fatherless. How far does this go? And who decides that we wait until the persecutioners come to our doors. Do we let them extremist go on until we have to make the discussion, convert or be beheaded by a Arabian sword.

Yes, a real revelation from Newsweek.

For more info on the suffering Church, goto:

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