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Monday, August 04, 2014

Saved to Change

Driving to work this morning, I got behind a pickup truck with a back-window decal of the suffering Christ. It was applied right behind the driver’s head so that it looked like Jesus was driving and looking backwards. I don’t know if the guy meant to make it look like that.
This scene reminded me of cartoons that pictured a guy hiding behind a big cut-out of Jesus while God looked down on him. Meaning: That if we have received Christ and His sacrifice, then God will see Jesus and His work instead of us.
If you think about it you could really use this as an excuse to get away with things that do not please God. I wonder if the gentleman in the truck thinks about how his driving reflects on Christ. Not judging him, but I have a very large decal on my truck that points to me as a Christian and I stay aware of how people view my driving and reflect it back to me being a Christian. The same goes for bumper stickers and fish emblems. They identify us with Christ.
So the big question is: Do we reflect Christ with our lives? Do people see Jesus in our attitudes? Do people see Jesus in the way we work? If we are not concerned with this, let’s get a razor blade and scrape off those decals and bumper-stickers. Let’s pry off that fish and throw it away. We are saved to change.  To change us into the likeness of Christ and to change our culture to glorify God.

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