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Friday, April 26, 2013

Rick Warren on "Can a Business be Christian?"

In the March 2013 issue of "Decision" Magazine, Pastor Rick Warren made a very good point on on the matter of , "Can a business be Christian?" In the article, "Rick Warren on the Hobby Lobby Lawsuit.", page 14.  In the article Pastor warren answers the question asked above.  To quote the article, "Some flippantly say 'A business cannot be a Christian,' but the truth is, every business is either business is either moral or immoral, ethical or unethical, depending on the values they base their business on. "
I interrupt this as saying that a business, just as art, music and literature,  reflects the morals and ethics of its creators  We creations should reflect the morals and ethics of our creator  God. This article can be read at:  http://www.becketfund.org/pastor-rick-warrens-on-hobby-lobby-lawsuit/

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