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Sunday, March 18, 2012

What I've Learned in Class This Term About Voting

What I have learned in Busn and Personal Finance class this term is that our economy has a regular cycle. It Peaks, then contracts, then bottoms out, then recovery, then growth, and then peaks again. The hope is that each time it peaks that it will be better than the last time it did. The bottom out or "Through" is not as bad as the last time and the recovery time is shorter. But all in all the economy is suppose to make this cycle without fail. So I have been wondering if this is true, then why all the fuss during election time. Was the Bush administration not at fault, they were just in the wrong cycle? Do we just need to keep things as is and let the cycle work it's magic? Who do we vote for or does it matter. The Cycle has chosen. So if this is true then we need to turn and vote for who we believe is the most moral of the bunch. Who can we trust the most. If a person has no compassion for the unborn, do they really have compassion for the born? If they have lied in congress, will they not lie in the white house? This is just a thought. The cycle be praised!
Figure from Kelly/McGowen BUSN 4th Edition c.2012 South-Western, Cengage Learning


Eric Holland said...

The how and why of politics is interesting. We actually get to choose the people who make decisions about which laws will be passed. It is the view of morality that most greatly influences the elected and the electors. If they both belong to Jesus Christ, then the law will reflect compassion and common sense. If they have no regard for the God of the Bible, then the law will further the comfort of those who write the laws.

Anonymous said...

I long ago noticed the cyclical rising and falling of the American economy. I figured it would eventually start to recover, DESPITE Obama's policies which have certainly tested our nation's economic muscles. I see the economy slowly coming back, but we need to remove Obama's boot from its throat if we want to recover faster. Voting for a moral candidate is ALWAYS the right choice. God will bless or not bless a nation based on it's choices, just like he does individuals. Great post Wayne!