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Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Read: Torches of Joy by John Dekker

If you loved the books "Eternity In Their Hearts" and "Peace Child" by Don Richardson, you will read without putting down, "Torches of Joy" by John Dekker. Although the story took place in the 1960's and the book was written in the 1980's it is still up-to-date.
I just found, read, and devoured the book.
It tells the story of missionaries John and Helen Dekker’s ministry to the stone-age tribe of the Danis in the jungles of Irian Jaya. It chronicles the start and growth of the Church in Irian Jaya. It could be viewed as a volume of the book of Acts continued.
The troubling aspect of the book for me is that if a stone-age tribe that does not even have a written language can grow in Christ in such a short time, what is wrong with us? By the end of the third year, there more than 100 Danis had been baptized, Churches were being established, with elders, and the first Pastor ordained. By the fifth year the first Danis had responded to help evangelize another tribe. By the eighth year, the Church sent out missionaries that were graduates of its own three year Bible School. And the growth moves on.
This is an inspiring true story that every Christian should read and learn by.
The ministry of John and Helen Dekker was the results of different mission organizations that must be mentioned. The Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada, the Regions Beyond Missionary Union, Wycliffe Bible Translator’s Summer Institute of Linguistics, and Missionary Aviation Fellowship.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, agreed. I just finished Torches of Joy & was amazed at the speed of church growth among the Stone Age people! I immediately tried to find if the dekkers are still teaching missionology....