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Saturday, September 05, 2009

What is a Marketplace Christian?

Although I post on many subjects. Marketplace Ministry is my Primary subject. Articles and resources for the Marketplace Christian. So you may ask, "What the heck is a Marketplace Christian". What is the difference?

To some in the Christian circle of followers the MC is a person who starts a business and then tries to bring his or her faith into that area of life. This is not entirely wrong.
Just as David Wilkerson in the 70's & 80's coined the phrase,"Street Christian" to describe those converts that feel a call to ministry. But unlike the standard believer that believes they must serve in the church loop. These Christians felt they needed to stay on the streets so they could reach their own.
Like wise I feel the Marketplace Christian is a person called to ministry, but feels they need to stay in the workplace to be the light the Lord intended them to be.
Not all are called to this area. The need for Church Pastors is a great need. The need for over seas missionaries is even greater.
There are many who live as a Bi-Vocational Minister, Lay-Minister or just a pastor of a small church that needs to work part time to support their family. I am speaking of a Christian called to reach their co-workers and does no desire to be supported by the Church. The Apostle Paul felt this way. He earned his way as a missionary for himself and those who traveled with him. He did this as long as he could. Although he did receive offerings and help from others, he did not charge for his teachings. Now I must say that this is not a rule. Not every Pastor or Missionary is called to support him or herself. Peter and the other Apostles it is believed were supported by the Church in Jerusalem.
The point is that it is a calling, a choice.
So in explanation that is what this blog was set up for. To supply resources for the MC. But because the number of called is so small, I've spread the range of the articles I write.

Prayerfully, you should find something you like.

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