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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Epistle of Temp #43

The new job is going well. I am Temp #43. As mentioned before I am employed with a temp agency and assigned to a snack foods production plant were we make snack foods of peanuts, almonds and cashews. Forget the peanut scare. That was across the Al-Ga. border.
I have a one hour lunch which I am not used to, were I can read. I'm in the process of reading "100 Days in the Arena by David Winter. I is divided in to 100 days of reading using quotes and writings from the early church fathers. (example: Polycarp...etc.)
Here is one that is good,"When I put off the old, that I had longed to lose, then I put on the new, the Lord Christ, whom I had longed to find..." Day 43 Augustine of Hippo (The readings are longer centered around the quotes)
I printed a copy of the letter of Polycarp to the Philippians. It is mostly quotes from other scriptures, but it is a valuable link to the early teachings of the Disciples.
We are studying in Church the Holy Spirit and how to be Baptized, Filled and lead-by Him.
I hope to write soon on these issues as used in the workplace. Your comments are needed.


David Rupert said...

Glad you are employed again

How did God play into getting your new job? Just interested. I've got a new post over at www.redletterbelievers.com where a church is helping the unemployed.


Wayne said...

1. When the company announced that there would be lay offs, I decided by my will that I was going to trust God no matter the outcome. And I spoke this to all who asked what I was going to do. Not a "positive confession " that just denies the problem, but willed faith that made a connection with Heaven's faith that told me in my innermost being,” Trust God".
2. When I got the news that I was one of those to be laid-off, I put my faith into action allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me. I told all those over me "thanks for the opportunity" to work for them and bless them. I told those who had to tell me I was to go, that I held nothing against them and knew they where only doing their job. And I asked them if I could pray with them, they agreed and I prayed for them to have wisdom and to being able to treat all the others with the same compassion as they showed me.
3. Before my last day I prayed for the Spirit of the Lord to guide me to where I needed to apply. I did not need to go all over town wasting gas. The first temp agency I went to allowed me to put in an application but gave no hope. I put in apps at the 3 largest agencies in town, at the State Career office, and answered paper ads as I felt lead. I stopped in on the agencies near my house on Mondays. Then volunteered at church or helped my brother-n-law at his shop the rest of the week. Did some online aps. But I was determined to trust God and not get uptight.
Right at one month of unemployment I received a call form the agency further away from my house. I had only been by there once. And they liked my qualifications and wondered why they had not seen my resume before (I had learned that the position had been open for three months)
And the rest is a miracle. In this present economy when friends and family gave me no hope of finding a job. God came through.

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