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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unemployed Again

Once again I find myself unemployed. Dunbarton Corp in Dothan layed about 32 of us off because of lack of work. (So order some Slimfold doors and Redi-frame door frames) I left this time with my head high and trying to please the Lord. They informed us well in advance that they were going to do it. By seniority. When they called me in to give me the bad news, I told them that they were just doing their jobs and that I understood how hard it was. I have had to hire and fire many in my life. I asked them if I could pray with them and they consented. Afterwards I went to each Manager and supervisor that I had had and told them I appreciated the chance to work for them.
When asked what I would do from my co-workers , I replied that I would do what I had did when I took the job. Trust God. The company could knock God off His throne.
So here I am unemployed and trying to be lead by the Holy Spirit in my job hunt.
I know this sounds really weird to you unbelievers, but if you have a better way, let me know. I've tried it all on my own and it did not work.
That is the lesson that we as a nation will learn. No man or group can heal our land. Until we admit that we need God to pull us out of the mess we got ourselves into.
I pray for you Mr. President, but
You can not bring real change,
You can not bring real hope,
Only the Lord Jesus can.
Yes you made History, but it is not as big as the history Jesus Christ will make when He returns.

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Red Letter Believers said...


Prayers and blessings.
I know this is hard and we look forward to hearing the lessons you learn.

I am writing about this on my own blog www.redletterbelievers.com and will have a posting laster this weekend. Lets talk!