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Friday, January 16, 2009

Miracle on the Hudson

The news reports of "Good Morning America" did reports and interviews on the landing of the plane in the Hudson River yesterday. The title of the coverage was, "Miracle On The Hudson". After all the interviews and reports. The conclusion was that thanks to the pilot (an ex-fighter pilot), plane attendants and heroic passengers, no one was lost. Truly the training of the crew and experience of 9/11 played a valuable part in the success of the rescue.
To say it was a miracle would be a misuse of the word. A "miracle" is something that can not be explained in human terms. Amazing as the incident was and wonderful that no one was drowned. The whole success could be explained as the heroic actions of everyone involved. Down to the boats that were ready to respond as soon as the plane hit the water. Miracle, no. If the plane had burst into flames and flew into a building instead of an expert pilot steering it into the water and all survived, that would have been a miracle.
Now I'm not belittling the actions of the heroes that took charge and saved the day. They deserve their credit for a great job done. But it was not a miracle.
Only the Lord God, Jesus does real miracles. And the vain use of the word has belittled it's meaning. I have expereinced miracles first hand. They do exsist. And a lot of God's workings may not be called a miracle. The fact that the harbor boats were right there within close ranage could be crideted to God's working, but not a miracle.
I beleive in the next couple of years we will re-dicover the meaning of this overused misunderstood work. MIRACLE

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you...THANK YOU for noting this. Miracle, schmiracle. It's no wonder our standing in the world is plummeting with seemingly educated "journalists" spewing inaccuracies like this for all to hear...hope there's no spelling or grammatical errors in my 'lil post! Cheers.