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Friday, December 12, 2008

OK, Here's My Take On The Election.

I was speaking with a friend the other day, just after the election. He stated that although he did not vote for Obama, he was chosen so it must be the will of God. Well that reminded me of a nation many years ago that was ruled by judges and heads of their tribes. They wanted to be like all the other nations around them so they pressured the local prophet to get God to give them a King. Reluctantly the prophet prayed and God told him that they were not rejecting his rule but HIS rule over them.
He told the people that it displeased God, but God would give them what they asked.
But there choice would come with consequences.
He gave a list of what the new King would do. The word "take" came to mind mostly.
I do not tend to say weither our new president is chosen by God or not. He was chosen by the people. I can not see God chosing someone that is Pro-choice and is OK with the killing of the unborn or the harvesting of those murdered unborn' stem cells to make it juctified.
Will our desire for a new world order with the promises of prosperity and sucurity trump our mortal attitude in America.
We will see in years to come. Will our desire to be like all other nations split us in half. Will the wrong kind of change come and it be to late to change back.
Again we must not put or trust in Obama, Cain or any man/woman, but the Lord God. If the Bible only showed one thing it is this, when mankind puts their trust in themselves instead of God, they fall.
Read: 1 Samuel Chapter 8 and so-on

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