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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Being The New Testament Church Part 1: Intro & Belief

Our pastor has been teaching lately on , "Being A New Testament Church". Many groups have used this title in their Church name and I will not sit in judgement as to whether they are or are not a NTC. One thing we have seen is that you can not have a NTC with out New Testament people. We have been studying in Acts 2:41-47
After Peter had preached and many decided to follow Jesus, they followed a certain pattern for growth.
1. They believed
2. They Baptized
3. They devoted time to learning the Apostles teachings
4. They had close fellowship together
5. They ate together daily and had communion
6. They prayed together.

I will discuss these as I can in different post.
First they believed after hearing Peter's preaching.
They had heard that Jesus rose from the dead. No one questioned the fact of the matter. Some chose not to believe, but many chose to do so. Belief starts from Heaven, comes down to man and then goes out. To really believe, one must have a revelation from the Lord. Just like when Jesus asked the disciples who they thought He was, Peter answered correctly and Jesus told him that man did not teach him this but it came from God the Father. We will only get truth from the Bible or Preaching when the Lord reveals it to us. Then, like the early believers, we will not deny our faith for nothing. Not even to save our lives.

I will do baptisms next, after I have studied and prayed about it.

Note: The Main points in this post were made by my pastor, Robert Grice of Grace Harvest Church in Dothan, Al. USA

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