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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Resource Review: Contruction Workers For Christ

From the Hard Hats For Christ Website: or Construction Workers For Christ

Mission Statement...
Jesus Christ has commanded his followers to serve Him in reaching others with the message of salvation.

Construction Workers Christian Fellowship was organized to do this within the realm of construction. The three basic purposes are:

1. to tell construction workers about the saving power of Jesus Christ, that they may experience a changed life,
2. to encourage and provide the means for construction men and women, whether they be new Christians or older ones, to have fellowship and Bible studies with the aim of strengthening their faith, and
3. to assist missionary organizations in the dissemination of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through specialized construction help, both in the United States and on foreign soil.

I recommend this site for those looking for a practical way to serve others. My be you have a non-physical job and wish to get-physical for Christ. Here is a good solution. Need a good RV vacation. Check them out. Does your church need a little help. Contact them.
These people seem to be right on it. I recommend if you can be involved in anyway to give it a try.
And they are worthy of our support.

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