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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Laborare est orare

As we approach Labor Day I would like to discuss an area of prayer that we are to do as we work or laborare est orare, "work as prayer". This is a hard concept for some to see. Can a person pray as they work and not get their hand caught in a machine press or drive the forklift into a support beam? Can we focus on the Lord and focus on our work at the same time? I say yes, but not in the traditional since of prayer. Prayer as in doing your very best for no other reason but to please God. When you do your job in this attitude you are in a mode of prayer that worships the King of Kings and petitions the Lord of Lords.
This labor day make a commitment to do your job only for the love of God and focus on doing a job well done. Like I heard a speaker on the radio say the other day. "Your job is a gift from God, How you perform it is your gift to Him."

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