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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Net Is Cast: Part 2

"Also the Kingdom of Heaven is like a net that was put into the lake and caught many different kinds of fish. When it was full, the fishermen pulled the net to the shore. They sat down and put the good fish in baskets and threw away the bad fish. It will be this way at the end of the world. The angels will come and separate the evil people from the good people. The angels will throw the evil people into the blazing furnace, were people will cry and grind their teeth with pain." Jesus asked His followers, " Do you understand all these things?" They answered, "Yes, We understand." Matthew 13:47-51 NCV

In the first post by this title I shared how the internet should be used by Christians to reach out to the lost. You may ask "how can I do this?" I would like to offer some suggestions.

Any person with a connection can start a blog (weblog: online journal open to public viewing or private) and share Christ in a very real way. Here is how to start.

First choose a host:
blogspot.com (easy to use and my favorite, very popular)
homesteadblogger.com (easy to use, designed for homeschoolers and homesteaders)
today.com (easy to use and one I recommend)
christianblog.com (good blog with christian content, but you can not double post content from another blog, even if it is yours)
bravernet.com (has adds and not user friendly, but free)
myspace.com (allot to it)
Most of these have templates you can use to design your blog. not must HTML needed to get started.

Second, after starting a blog and getting about 5 to 7 post written by yourself. And about seven days old at least, sign up on a traffic generator site.
Try these:
blogexplostion.com (one I use the most)
blogmad.com (good traffic but not to user friendly)
blogsoldiers.com (start for the military, but open for public, easy to use)

These generators work this way, you sign up, surf member blogs. You earn "credits" for the amount of blogs you view. These credits are assigned to the blog you choose and for each credit you get a viewing by another blogger who is surfing the same way. You can also buy credits from the TG. Some TG have games to play that earn you more credits if you desire. You will need to try to post weekly at the least so that you will always have fresh content to view.

You may wonder what you could possibly write about.
What ever you are interested in sports, pets, gardening, tech stuff, the list goes on and on. Write about what you love and tie it to Christ as a witness.

One idea I have is to do a blog called Rev.Tech. and write about technology that
makes it possible for prophecy of the Bible possible (ex: mark of the beast). Book reviews, music reviews, politics etc...

If you need some help, contact me at: wayneb363 at yahoo dot com

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