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Monday, September 26, 2005

The judgement of God????

In the wake of Katrina I just found out that my wife had some distant relatives in N.O during Katrina.
Their daughter begged them to leave but they refused.
Last week they found the elderly couples bodies in their home located behind the leavy.
Althrough they were not close to us but they were to other members of our family and therefore we felt the pain

I saw Mario Murillo on TBN the other day and he spoke on weather 911 or Katrina was the judgement of God. He said that he always has someone coming up to him saying their preacher was told by God that judgement was coming and that all these disaters was coming.
He staed that this was false preaching and that these diasters was not God' judgement on the US.

1. When God judges a city He sends a prophet to warn them. These preachers that think God told them would have been sent to the streets of NY & NO and not a talk show.

2. When God judges a city He gets the inacent out first. In New Orleans the crime bosses got out first in their new cars and left the inacent behind.

3. When God judges a city there is nothing left. It is complete.

When asked were God was during 911, Mario replies that He is were we told Him to go. Out of our schools, out of our courthouse and lout of our lives. Do not blame 911 on God. If you do you are agreeing with the terriorst.
He said that the local government of NO knew they needed a new leavy. They decided that they needed new casinos more. Don't blame God on their mistakes.

These disaters have opened up opertunities for the church to reach out . If that is what it take to get the church to act more like Jesus than so-be-it.

Something to think about.

Another interesting point is that he said that Fema did a worst case study back in 2001 (I think) so see what the worst disaters the US could have to do the most damage. Are you ready for this? There results were:

1. A terriorest atack
2. Hurracaine in New Orleans
3. Earthquake in San Fransico.

By the way the answer to all this is for us to repentent of our and our nations sins and pray for our leaders.

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